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A Total Package of Hygiene and Decontamination Products

Serchem offer a premium quality range of both Hygiene and Decontamination products that are economical in application with a tailor made approach to each customer's individual needs. This is backed up with a service driven package ensuring value is achieved with every application.

Alkaline & Neutral Decontamination

Our comprehensive range of Alkaline, neutral, enzymatic and hybrid decontamination automated detergents are scientifically designed to deal with every aspect of decontamination.

From the washer-disinfector product range to hand held sprays, Serchem caters for all your departmental requirements at an economical and competitive rate.

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Endoscopy Decontamination

Serchem's enzymatic and non enzymatic decontamination products are specifically formulated for use in Endoscopy suites and Sterile service departments.

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Scopetech Scope Cleaning

Serchem's 'Scopetech' promotes confidence in a completely thorough scope clean prior to the automated wash process.

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Catering & Laundry

Our range of cleaning and hygiene products is specifically for use in the kitchen environment and for all food handling areas.

Serchem can provide a comprehensive range of laundry cleaning products and softeners that will compliment an on-premise laundry facility.

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Stainless Steel Products

Serchem can supply and fit a bespoke range of quality stainless steel UK products to accommodate all aspects of Decontamination. 

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Protein Detection

Serchem are now offering a brand new range of Protein Detection technology. 

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